Visit my Fan Pages for BF2 and BF2142

Heya visitors 🙂,

if you are interested in the PC games Battlefield 2 and its successor Battlefield 2142, and if you are looking for free and useful banners, icons, images, pictures, wallpaper and userbars, then have a look at my Fan Sites. contains currently around 8.000 images, the picture count on has already reached 6.000 individual images. Quite neat for free and privately run websites, or 😉 ? You can use all images for non-commercial use at no cost, but the images remain my property and other use than private and non-commercial is restricted and protected by copyright laws.

Happy picture hunting 😀

BF2 / BF2142


Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

3 Kommentare zu “Visit my Fan Pages for BF2 and BF2142

  1. david sagt:

    Hello BC ,I just visited your 2 gfx sites and i was stunned,they are fantastic.How did you learn all that stuff,i am jealous
    I hope you continue with your awesome work
    I am also grateful that there are lovely people like you left in this world that spend so much time for other peoples enjoyment
    Thanks heaps

  2. tony sagt:

    Great GFX sites you have there,how come there aren’t more girls like you,who are interested in bf2/bf2142
    I think it is very unfair the way some girls get treated on bf2 related sites
    You girls should be given extra credit for participating in a male dominated game
    I commend you and hope you continue with your gaming
    Girls who play PC games Rock

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