StarGate Odyssea : Simply Awesome – Perfect !

Xcyril, simply awesome! I have NO other words :).

The only drawback is – 🙂 – hell, i WANT MORE of that kind of heroic film music !!
Xcyril, that kind of film music is sooo rare to find, glad that you have made some cool ones.
A small „hmm“ goes for the small License restriction „You don’t alter, transform or build upon this album“ – but maybe you have your good reasons for that.

Anyway, this album rocks and made it definitely into my music-resouce as a reference stock.

Hope you are fine and well – Kisses



Musiques pour films : Klasse!

Hi Xcyril,

i have written you a short review or better some very personal thoughts and feelings about your awesome music (and style) already some time ago :).
Yes, time passes by and still you are one of my very favourite musicians here at Jamendo.

Recently i had a crash with my HDD and some data was lost. So i have today downloaded – once again – your „Musiques pour films“.
Still i like it very, very much and it is IMHO almost a basic reference here at Jamendo for that genre. So i gave you once again 9 points. *laugh* France 9 points 🙂 :).
Your Musiques pour films is very useful for making smaller video clips as well as a very inspiring source for own sounds. Thank you for YOUR music!!

How are you? I hope you are well and all is fine for you.

Kisses Alena