StarGate Odyssea : Simply Awesome – Perfect !

Xcyril, simply awesome! I have NO other words :).

The only drawback is – 🙂 – hell, i WANT MORE of that kind of heroic film music !!
Xcyril, that kind of film music is sooo rare to find, glad that you have made some cool ones.
A small „hmm“ goes for the small License restriction „You don’t alter, transform or build upon this album“ – but maybe you have your good reasons for that.

Anyway, this album rocks and made it definitely into my music-resouce as a reference stock.

Hope you are fine and well – Kisses



Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

Ein Kommentar zu “StarGate Odyssea : Simply Awesome – Perfect !

  1. Xcyril sagt:

    THX!! 🙂

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