Listen : Awesome – I Love It !

First i read the description of the album – as i always do.
„…involving the work of 20 musicians located around the world, this album represents a true global collective effort…a blending of multiple styles, with a specific focus placed upon classical piano, ‚listen‘ is a mature work of melodic electronica…share and enjoy!…“

After the first tracks, „Breath“, „Alone“ and – „Listen“ – the very appealing vocals and the perfectly intonating piano, i thought for myself: Why can’t ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD work together that way? Producing simply something beautiful, like this album of „t r y ^ d“.

That album makes it definitely into my player! 🙂

Short and precise: Lovely like the sixth track on the album „Lovely“

Many thanks for this awesome album try^d and all the other musicians involved with that project!


Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

Ein Kommentar zu “Listen : Awesome – I Love It !

  1. Psycho sagt:

    Thankyou for reccomending this album
    I really enjoy listening to the song Lovely
    Its the best song on the album,very moving

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