Electric Ride : Awesome ROCK

Hell, usually i am not ‚especially‘ looking at Jamendo in the genre ‚rock‘, so i think i would have missed this very appealing album.

I have to thank cute EVA MARIA for recommending me this album :).

With hearing the sounds of Electric Ride i was really surprised, and in a really positive manner!
This album goes definitively on my MP3-Player, i love the variations and as the genre should tell, this album ‚rocks‘ for me.

Listen to Electric Ride makes me simple feel good and i enjoy the sounds. The faster and kinda ‚harder‘ tracks are really cool (


Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

2 Kommentare zu “Electric Ride : Awesome ROCK

  1. Art Vandalay sagt:

    It’s a long way from Eva Maria to NMDV 🙂 but I’m glad you followed it. Thanks for your kind words and greets from Munich/Germany

    Art / NMDV

  2. eddielive sagt:

    Yeah – that’s good!
    Regards – eddielive

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