Loveparade 2007: Love is Everywhere

Loveparade 2007: Love is Everywhere

Loveparade 2007 in Essen

(BC) Essen, 25.08.2007 – ‚Love is Everywhere‘ was the slogan of this year’s Loveparade 2007. The same music – Techno – blared with 600.000 watt out of more than 1.000 loudspeakers as floats carrying brightly-dressed party lovers drove through the streets of Essen in the first Love Parade to take place outside Berlin since it began 18 years ago.

Love is Everywhere

Despite the last move in Berlin, organisers said that this year some 1.2 million people took part in the parade that began in Essen city centre and ended with an immense outdoor party on its Berliner Platz. Many partygoers dancing in the blazing sunlight reminisced about Berlin, where, since its launch in 1989, the world-renowned parade had contributed to the city’s growing popularity. Disagreement with Berlin authorities over logistics and security led organisers to this year move the venue to the former mining region of the Ruhr in western Germany. The police of Essen claimed that from the security point of view, the situation was surprisingly calm. Each major town in the region of some 5.3 million inhabitants is to take a turn at hosting the Love Parade in coming years. So well – Love is still Everywhere!

Medal of Honor: Airborne PC Demo

Medal of Honor: Airborne PC Demo

Airborne PC Demo

Step into the boots of Boyd Travers, Private First Class of the 82nd Airborne Division and engage in battles throughout Europe. From rocky beginnings in Sicily to war-winning triumphs in Germany, each mission begins behind enemy lines, with an intense and fully interactive airdrop. Your ability to determine your own starting point dramatically changes the way each mission plays out. View the entire operation from the air, and then control your parachute to choose your landing spot. On the ground, gather your senses and assess the terrain. A wide variety of authentic, customizable weapons are at your disposal, each with distinct characteristics. Choose your path in this free roaming FPS environment. Medal of Honor Airborne will also feature exceptionally photo-realistic characters, adding to the intensity of the cinematic, story-driven game. (MH)

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Olympus SP-560 UZ: Successor to the SP-550 UZ

Olympus SP-560 UZ: Successor to the SP-550 UZ

(JM) Hamburg, 23.08.2007 – Olympus today announced with the SP-560 the designated successor to the SP-550 UZ. The new SP-560 integrates now a slightly bigger 1/2,3″ image sensor (SP550 UZ 1/2.5 “ CCD-Sensor). Let’s hope that the new sensor reveals an improved image quality.
* 18X Optical Zoom & 27 – 486 mm Wide Angle / Tele, F2.8 – 4.5
* 8.0 Megapixels, 1/2.3 “ CCD-Sensor & TruePic III Image Processor
* Dual Image Stabilisation (mechanical stab. / ISO Shift)
* 2.5-inch 230,000-pixel LCD Monitor & EVF (electronic viewfinder)
* CCD-Shift Image Stabilisation and High-Sensitivity Shooting
* Advanced Face Detection Technology
* High-Speed Sequential Shooting with Pre-Capture Mode (1,2-Megapixel-Modus)
* Supermakro-Modus from 1 cm up
Olympus SP-560 UZ frontOlympus SP-560 UZ backOlympus SP-560 UZ side


News from Games Convention 2007

News from Games Convention 2007

Games Convention 2007(JM) 22.08.2207 – Leipzig. A lot of new stuff to report from the Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig. Various publishers presented their upcoming game top-titles as well as a committee of experts announced the nominations for the title „Best of GC“ – awarded by the GC – Games Convention – for a total of ten categories:

In the category PC:

– Sam&Max Season One (JoWood Productions Software AG)
– StarCraft 2 (Vivendi Games Deutschland GmbH)
– Hellgate: London (Electronic Arts GmbH)
– Die Siedler Aufstieg eines Königsreichs (Ubisoft GmbH)
– Crysis (Electronic Arts GmbH)
– Enemy Territory Quake Wars (ACTIVISION Deutschland GmbH)

In the category Xbox:

– BioShock (Take 2 Interactive GmbH)
– PES 2008 (Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH)
– Sacred 2: Fallen Angel 360 (Ascaron Entertainment GmbH)
– Eternal Sonata (ATARI Deutschland GmbH)
– Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (EIDOS GmbH)

In the category PSP:

– God of War: Chains of Olympus (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
– PES 2008 (Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH)
– Silent Hill Origins (Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH)

In the category PS2:

– PES 2008 (Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH)
– Crash of the Titans (Vivendi Games Deutschland GmbH)
– Singstar – Die Toten Hosen (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
– BUZZ! – Das Film-Quiz (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

In the category PS3:

– Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH)
– SingStar (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
– Uncharted: Drakes Schicksal (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
– The Eye of Judgment (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
– PES 2008 (Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH)

In the category Wii:

– Wii Fitness (NINTENDO of Europe GmbH)
– Super Mario Galaxy (NINTENDO of Europe GmbH)
– Mario & Sonic bei den Olympischen Spielen (SEGA Germany GmbH)

In the category NDS:

– Eye Training (NINTENDO of Europe GmbH)
– Undercover: Doppeltes Spiel (dtp Entertainment AG)
– The Simpsons Games (Electronic Arts GmbH)

In the category Mobile:

– Skate (Electronic Arts GmbH)
– Medal of Honor Airborne (Electronic Arts GmbH)

In the category Online:

– Hellgate: London (Electronic Arts GmbH)
– Enemy Territory Quake Wars (ACTIVISION Deutschland GmbH)
– Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (EIDOS GmbH)

In the category Best Hardware Product:

– Wii Balance Board (NINTENDO of Europe GmbH)
– Rockband (Electronic Arts GmbH)
– PlayStation Eye (Sony Computer Entertainment)

2k Games‘ Bioshock suffers widespread crashes/errors.

The posts grow on 2k Games‘ Bioshock tech support forum. The general consensus? „We are pissed“ Widespread PC versions of Bioshock have left gamer’s with the inability to start the game, play it for more than a few hours (random desktop crashes), and even random reboot crashes (game crashes and system hard reboots itself). Did 2k know about this?

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New Multiplayer-Video of Call of Duty 4

New Multiplayer-Video of Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 Perks Trailer

Developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision show us a new Video of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Once again this video deals with the special abilities of the multiplayer part of the upcoming action title.

Due to Activisions Senior Brand Manager David Tyler Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is expected to hit the market on 9th November for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Ouch! What a (bad) start for Bioshock (PC)

Ouch! What a (bad) start for Bioshock (PC)

Whoa Bioshock

Wow, what a (bad) start for the PC Demo version of Bioshock, one of the long awaited ’new‘ Ego-Shooters of publisher 2KGames. 2K Forum’s ‚BioShock Technical Support Area‚ is almost exploding with comments of annoyed users or gamers looking for help with the recently published PC-Demo. And that despite the fact that Nvidia as well as ATI had both quickly released Driver Hotfixes for Bioshock.

The moment i am writing these line the thread ‚ Sticky: PC Demo problems HERE!‚ has got over 15.000 views but the thread Widescreen messed up … kicks all with over 113.000 views – boah.

Well what’s wrong then? Though a lot of PC users obviously seem to have no (major) problems running the PC-Demo of Bioshock, there are a also a lot of gamers out claiming not to be able to even run the game. Crashes to desktop, sudden reboots of PC whilst playing and problems with mice and in-game menue of the game itself seem to be hot-topics. That scenario appeals a little bit weird to me, since the devs should have examined Bioshock carefully enough prior release … did they?

I have quickly installed the PC Demo version of Bioshock on my notebook, an already a bit aged Single-Core-Laptop with a Nvidia Geforce Go 6600 inside and Nforce 96.89 drivers installed. Since i usually don’t use Beta drivers for the graphic card, i started Bioshock with my ‚default‘ drivers, which run perfect with BF2 / BF2142 and even with ETQW Beta without problems. Bioshock starts without any problems and i first go into the options for setting 1.280 x 800 pixels resolution – done. After a kinda long intro i am down in the water and stepping towards my first adventures. So i am exploring the walks, wow the in-game graphic looks awesome and i have no issues with graphic artifacts etc. Looking for the Key to make a Quick-Save, i notice that the default F8-key seems not to work for me. Anyway rushing ahead … and short after i open the door with a Plasmid flash – Bang – my notebook is rebooting – Shit!

At this moment i can’t tell why Bioshock crashes my system, but i am going to check the latest Nvidia Notebook graphics drivers v163.44 XP 32bit | NVIDIA „BiOSHOCK“ of LAPTOPVIDEO2GO.COM.