Trance ’n Dance : WOW – Simply one word: EXCELLENT

Atomic cat - Trance 'n Dance

Atomic cat – Trance ’n Dance bei Jamendo

WOW – Simply one word: EXCELLENT

Atomic, first let me say that i am terrific glad to hear from you again!!

And here you go – with a brandnew and stunning awesome album. You are pushing limits here @Jamendo :). I don’t speak much French but with „…est un mariage entre la Trance et la Dance musique…“ you hit the bull’s-eye.

Technically a real high-flyer, you impress me AGAIN with new and never heard arrangements and sounds – Extra Cool !! Though you deliver topnotch mixes en masse for some good time now, i am happy to see still a tremendous progress in your musical work at a very high level. Even more getting me, my body and my soul – how better as to say: I can’t sit, i have to dance 😀

And yes: Atomic cat – Trance ’n Dance goes definitely into my MP3-player – and i am sure into a lot of Players of my friends too. Atomic, you rock da house ;).
Currently 200 Seeds and 66 Peers on Jamendo Bittorrent also tell how popular and appreciated your sound is :).

„Sometimes“ – hell, i am already dancing and „feeling“ the sounds impulsively and what i want 😉 : „I want to fly“
Interesting intro in A Voice From Darkness – ha – „The Darkness“ 😀

To come short:


Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

Ein Kommentar zu “Trance ’n Dance : WOW – Simply one word: EXCELLENT

  1. Cortez sagt:

    Found Trance ‘n Dance in your starred albums section. I also like Trance ‘n Dance very much, it is indeed one of the better albums on Jamendo. Hope to hear from you soon BC. Greetz!

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