Holidays !!!

Urlaub 2007Ahh – finally Holidays !!!

You know what? I really need that free time. The last weeks we had a hell at work with a lot of preparations for some customers and their attendance at the IFA 2007 from August 31 – September 5, 2007. IFA is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows with 1,049 exhibitors and 212,494 visitors in the last year 2006. A lot of catalogues, business cards for representatives, flyers and other advertising material had to be finished, working overtime …

But now i am going on holiday and have a lot of fun ;). So for the next two weeks nothing much will happen for me on my own fan sites as well as on Jamendo and all the other communities i am a regular visitor to. Some friends will keep an eye on my sites during my absence and i hope they will manage to implement some long time scheduled additional features to the sites.

Anyway, now „free time“ is king for me and i wish you a good time, too 🙂 !!

Take care 🙂


Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

3 Kommentare zu “Holidays !!!

  1. ROCKY sagt:

    I hope you are enjoying your holiday Alena,relax.take it easy and forget about the ratrace that we live in
    You deserve the break after all your great work you have done for the many communities you are involved in

    Kiss Rocky

  2. just a crazy fan sagt:

    May i ask where you are from and where you went for your holiday
    Sorry if those questions are too personal,if so no need to answer

  3. janinem89 sagt:

    Hi Blacki! Und wie war der Urlaub? Habt Ihr am Meer Spass gehabt? Hier war das Wetter recht bescheiden, dafür hatten wir vorletztes Wochenende einen super Chillout bei Hompa. Meld Dich mal XOX Janine

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