GameSpy Provides Multiplayer Technology For Crysis

Highly-Anticipated First-Person Shooter to Utilize GameSpy’s Technology, Including Comrade Instant Messaging, Profiles and Beta Testing Program

GameSpyBRISBANE, Calif. – August 16, 2007 – After IGN Entertainment’s GameSpy and Epic Games had already announced some days ago a licensing deal to incorporate GameSpy’s suite of online technology into Epic’s Unreal Engine3, GameSpy announced today a licensing deal to incorporate GameSpy’s multiplayer online technology into Crytek’s upcoming sci-fi, first-person shooter game, Crysis. Under the terms of the agreement, Crytek will utilize a broad range of GameSpy technologies for online gaming and community integration in the upcoming release of Crysis. Additionally, Crytek will leverage GameSpy’s Beta testing program to expose the game to a worldwide network of gaming enthusiasts.

„By incorporating our leading online gaming and community technology into Crysis, GameSpy has formed a valuable partnership with Crytek, a true innovator in next-generation gaming,” said Jamie Berger, SVP Consumer Products & Technology for IGN Entertainment. „As GameSpy continues to expand its suite of in-game, web, and desktop gaming technologies, we will continue to align ourselves with world-class developers and highly-anticipated titles such as Crysis.”

Crysis will contain GameSpy technologies, including:

  • GameSpy’s “Comrade” in-game middleware and desktop technology that enables seamless in-game to out-of-game community features, such as instant messaging, friend rosters, advanced matchmaking capabilities.
  • GameSpy’s “Sake” will allow Crytek to store data securely online, enabling gamers to build extensive player profiles and maintain game stats.
  • GameSpy’s “ATLAS” allowing Crytek to easily create an advanced statistical system for competitions within the game and on the Crysis Web site.

“GameSpy has successfully addressed our needs and wants in providing Crysis the latest in online multiplayer technology and helping to meet gamers’ expectations for one of the most anticipated games of the year,” said Avni Yerli, Managing Director of Crytek. “By utilizing the beta test program and latest GameSpy technologies, we have been able to provide a complete solution in developing a multiplayer experience that meets our high standard of excellence.”

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