LightWave Effects Explode in the Dynamic 6th Season of „24“

LightWave Effects Explode in the Dynamic 6th Season of 24

Production Profile “24″24″-Fans: I hope you have not missed that nice video footage about some special effects in 6th Season of 24″. The behind-the-scenes video features the creation of visual effects sequences for the 20th Century Fox hit series24. The sixth season starts with a dramatic nuclear blast in Valencia, CA, a community north of Los Angeles. The action continues straight through to the season finale F-18 fighter jet missile launches at an offshore oil platform. LightWave visual effects artists from Zoic Studios and Eden FX share their insight into how they accomplished these stunning effects.

Stunning that from the thrilling series opening nuclear blast to lingering nuclear fallout clouds, rocket launchers, smoke, military drones and practical explosion enhancements, LightWave’s visual effects artists helped make this season of 24 another super thrill ride. The video presentation shows exactly how LightWave was used to create and enhance these scenes.

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