Thank You All !!

Thank You !

BlackCatsPhrases. Well, people use a lot of phrases each day – day by day.
Anyway i want to say: „Thank You !“

My „Thank You“ to all of you means a lot more than those two words can tell. This „Thank You“ is for all the wonderful folks who went along with me, sharing some of my passions for a long time now: Gaming, GFX and Music. For me a honest „Thank You“ is still one of those wonderful phrases, people use to express a special gratitude, if it comes straight out of the ‚heart‘.

And this „Thank You“ comes straight out from my heart, from deep inside, expressing my nicest feelings and the most wonderful thoughts. It means „Thank You“ for enjoying my sites and for taking your time to show you care. Those many funny, happy and positive writings in my Guestbooks really ‚made very often my day‘. And all your feedback made a lot of days so much better.

My „Thank You“ is also for all the awesome help a lot of people gave me over the years. Fortunately there ARE a lot of people out there, who help others without obvious benefit to oneself. All your help with Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 as well as with the upcoming and most awaited Games, yes, that made and makes me feel very often so nice and i wish i am able do the same for you.

I was very shocked by the execution-style killing of six Italian men here in Germany on Wednesday (i heard about it on vacation). Such events make me doubt in humankind … but if i switch on my TV, i have to realize that such brutality happens. Here, there – everywhere and – day by day. Sigh, i am really glad and happy, that most gaming, music etc. communities leave a totally different mark of fun, help and love … finally, with my
„Thank You“ just letting you know how much you all mean to me …

Kisses BlackCats