2k Games‘ Bioshock suffers widespread crashes/errors.

The posts grow on 2k Games‘ Bioshock tech support forum. The general consensus? „We are pissed“ Widespread PC versions of Bioshock have left gamer’s with the inability to start the game, play it for more than a few hours (random desktop crashes), and even random reboot crashes (game crashes and system hard reboots itself). Did 2k know about this?

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3 Kommentare zu “2k Games‘ Bioshock suffers widespread crashes/errors.

  1. rick sagt:

    What a strange world we live in,when something good happens or a good game gets released, a few people speakup and say Wow,great,thanks
    But when something bad happens or a game gets released that has some problems,like Bioshock,lots of people seem to find the time to say something negative
    Its a shame,imagine if of only 5% of the people, who found the time to speak about a complaint, spend the same amount of time to say something good
    Also unfortunately,like in life,these bad things seem to be remembered more and for longer than the good things do
    Like to say, you can do 20 good things and 1 bad thing,and somehow people seem to remember that 1 bad thing more than the 20 good things

    Just my thoughts

  2. zerobane sagt:

    Yea, your right we have no right to complain…

    Pay 60 dollars for a game, update all the drivers, wait 5 hours to d/l and then the game won’t even start. The only thing i can do is buy another graphics card, as I have the doomed 8400… Or wait for them to patch the game…

  3. abba sagt:

    lol Rick…….

    that doesnt matter at all…..we are talking about MONEY here, people pay 50$ for the game, and then it doesnt work….ofcourse theyr gonna talk about it and go insane about it lol….and on top of that there is no word from 2k games, nothing, no patches, no nothing….
    Its a different case when we are talking bout ordinary things in life that do involve money… besides, im sure people would write good reviews about bioshock if the game actually worked….

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