New Multiplayer-Video of Call of Duty 4

New Multiplayer-Video of Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 Perks Trailer

Developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision show us a new Video of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Once again this video deals with the special abilities of the multiplayer part of the upcoming action title.

Due to Activisions Senior Brand Manager David Tyler Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is expected to hit the market on 9th November for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.


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14 Kommentare zu “New Multiplayer-Video of Call of Duty 4

  1. saif sagt:

    yes players in COD 4 need more acceseries on weapons more then 1 like 3 or 4 .

  2. Pmarten8 sagt:

    were take your clan on were be on tues day night at 6pm UK time if you want a fight leave a PM at

  3. JAP sagt:

    Saif, the idea behind attachments is that you get an advantage and a disadvantage. Use a grenade launcher, and you’re stuck with iron sights. Take an ACOG sight, and you use hipfiring for close combat. That way, you can’t totally school people by having the top stuff.

    Now, if there was a perk so that you could have two attachments, like having two primary weapons, THAT would be cool, and it would give people something to work for.

  4. _-HcU-_Zodiac sagt:

    so there is a new acceseries in cod4 thats so dope i cant wait till i can get back on but some one tell me what the new acceserie is plz

  5. Brad sagt:

    I am sooooo fat all i do is play cod 4 i am a uber noob at it i am only level 26 prestige i have played for 4 days in time played. i got just killed yesterday because i was thinking arby’s so i ate my pug. this morning i threw up my dog and he was still alive and started to bark at me, so i told him to shut up but it didn’t so i inserted my little chode into its anal hole. I AM MESSED UP. I live in yorkton, saskatchewan on 60 dogwood by st. paul’s elementary school. I enjoy to rape little kids named ryan popik he is so ugly but i still enjoy it.

  6. Joseph sagt:


  7. Zach sagt:

    And that, Saif, is where you’re an idiot. Three or four attachements is way too cheap. Two, maybe, but three is too many…moron.

  8. D3NIAL sagt:

    There is a perk that lets you get 2 primary weapons, its called overkill. But your not allowed say an ACOG scope and a Grenade launcher, because that would be totally unfair.

  9. Kilian sagt:

    Best Gun Att. Perks etc.

    Here Are a few Ideas to Nail Down Some nice numbers

    Pri. – AK-47/Red Dot Sight , .1. RPGS , .2.Stopping Power , .3. Steady Aim.

    Pri. – M4/ ACOG Scope ,.1. C4 , .2.Overkill ,.3. Deep Impact (2.) Mini Uzi/ Red dot

    And for Search And Destroy

    Pri. MP5/Silencer ,.1. Claymore ,.2. Stopping Power OR UAV Jammer (Recommended) ,.3. Dead Silence

    Always Remember
    Never EVER EVER! Use
    You WIll get Cyber Abuse

  10. shnupit sagt:

    well ok i am level 50 5th persetge i think but overkill lets u have 2 weps and acog and G launchers any mix up if u do choose a g launcher use it on both weps so u get 2 extra shots with it

  11. dbgoober sagt:

    cod4 does need a perk that allowes u 2 attachments. w/ a perk like this it does give u a big advantage but it also it gives u the disadvantage of not having one of the other perks in the same section, therefore balancing things out still.

  12. taylor sagt:

    hey i have been playing for like three days and im alreadyy level 49:) my total game play is like 20 hours do i suck lmao just kidding anyways im working on getting a golden ak 47 but what is the point

  13. John sagt:

    I love 2 play cod 4 because im awesome at it. i got killed a couple days ago when i was playing search and destroy on backlot. So while i was watching the kill cam i noticed the dude jumped through a wall and killed me. so i went and told my mom somebody killed me by jumping through a wall so she said come downstairs and let me give you something. So i went downstairs with her and she gave me a blowjob. I was all like nice mom, so then when she was asleep i went into her room and took off her pants and inserted my dick into her tight pussy. She woke up and was like give it to me so i cumed in her mouth and on her tits. Then when i was playing cod 4 she creeped up behind me and threw the controller on the ground and removed the headset and picked me up took me onto the floor and started peeing in my mouth and made me cum all over her. So then when i was playing cod 4 the next week this same dude jumped through the wall and i killed him horray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  14. Josh sagt:

    snipers all the way baby R700 with stopping power and deep impact makes me6 j9izz

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