Ouch! What a (bad) start for Bioshock (PC)

Ouch! What a (bad) start for Bioshock (PC)

Whoa Bioshock

Wow, what a (bad) start for the PC Demo version of Bioshock, one of the long awaited ’new‘ Ego-Shooters of publisher 2KGames. 2K Forum’s ‚BioShock Technical Support Area‚ is almost exploding with comments of annoyed users or gamers looking for help with the recently published PC-Demo. And that despite the fact that Nvidia as well as ATI had both quickly released Driver Hotfixes for Bioshock.

The moment i am writing these line the thread ‚ Sticky: PC Demo problems HERE!‚ has got over 15.000 views but the thread Widescreen messed up … kicks all with over 113.000 views – boah.

Well what’s wrong then? Though a lot of PC users obviously seem to have no (major) problems running the PC-Demo of Bioshock, there are a also a lot of gamers out claiming not to be able to even run the game. Crashes to desktop, sudden reboots of PC whilst playing and problems with mice and in-game menue of the game itself seem to be hot-topics. That scenario appeals a little bit weird to me, since the devs should have examined Bioshock carefully enough prior release … did they?

I have quickly installed the PC Demo version of Bioshock on my notebook, an already a bit aged Single-Core-Laptop with a Nvidia Geforce Go 6600 inside and Nforce 96.89 drivers installed. Since i usually don’t use Beta drivers for the graphic card, i started Bioshock with my ‚default‘ drivers, which run perfect with BF2 / BF2142 and even with ETQW Beta without problems. Bioshock starts without any problems and i first go into the options for setting 1.280 x 800 pixels resolution – done. After a kinda long intro i am down in the water and stepping towards my first adventures. So i am exploring the walks, wow the in-game graphic looks awesome and i have no issues with graphic artifacts etc. Looking for the Key to make a Quick-Save, i notice that the default F8-key seems not to work for me. Anyway rushing ahead … and short after i open the door with a Plasmid flash – Bang – my notebook is rebooting – Shit!

At this moment i can’t tell why Bioshock crashes my system, but i am going to check the latest Nvidia Notebook graphics drivers v163.44 XP 32bit | NVIDIA „BiOSHOCK“ of LAPTOPVIDEO2GO.COM.


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6 Kommentare zu “Ouch! What a (bad) start for Bioshock (PC)

  1. rick sagt:

    Bioshock is very system demanding
    You must have the latest drivers
    Antialiasing only works if gamers run Bioshock through Vista

    Hope this is of help

  2. blackcatsgfx sagt:

    Thank you Rick 🙂 ! I see, Bioshock needs obviously a powerful rig to get the most out of it. The crazy thing is, that i have absolutely no performance issues yet with running it on my notebook. Only those sporadic crashes. Yeppers going to download the latest (beta) drivers and check it again 🙂 – but first after a couple of hours sleep *lol*

    Hell, is it real that AA is only working through Vista?? OMG …

  3. rick sagt:

    Sometimes a game will crash when there is alot going on in the screen,this sometimes can be the video card resetting itself
    One needs to take note when these crashes happen and try to distinguish if there is a common pattern
    Also it helps if the virtual memory is set to maximun

    You said …Hell, is it real that AA is only working through Vista?? OMG
    So i have read

    Question,how come you can add smileys and i cant

    Enjoy your sleep

  4. cersei sagt:

    Bioshock is unstable. It should not have been released in its current condition. I, like may gamers at the 2K forums, have a rig more than capable of running Bioshock at full graphics. Sadly, we don’t get the chance as the game crashes severely every 1 to 4 mins. Game not finished. Unacceptable. Patch(es) needed.

  5. tom sagt:

    hahaha bioshock isnt that unstable, just many peoples pcs arent maintained at all, or have out of date drivers etc…. or their pcs are just too weak to run it! i wouldnt even bother trying to run it on a laptop or anything with a lame graphics card…….. I have a athlon x2 4400, ATi radeon x1950pro, 2gb ocz ram, 700 watt ocz psu, and a sb audigy 2 zs and i can run the game smooth with all the settings maxed.

  6. smk sagt:

    Installed two same versions of the game on two exactly same PCs with few days old Windows XP and same drivers. On the first PC – bioshock is perfectly stable on version 1.1 … on the second I cant even run the game on 1.1 or I can run very unstable game on 1.0

    we got AMDs X2 6000+ with 8800GTs so its not weak rig for this game. At least AA works on xp 🙂

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