Loveparade 2007: Love is Everywhere

Loveparade 2007: Love is Everywhere

Loveparade 2007 in Essen

(BC) Essen, 25.08.2007 – ‚Love is Everywhere‘ was the slogan of this year’s Loveparade 2007. The same music – Techno – blared with 600.000 watt out of more than 1.000 loudspeakers as floats carrying brightly-dressed party lovers drove through the streets of Essen in the first Love Parade to take place outside Berlin since it began 18 years ago.

Love is Everywhere

Despite the last move in Berlin, organisers said that this year some 1.2 million people took part in the parade that began in Essen city centre and ended with an immense outdoor party on its Berliner Platz. Many partygoers dancing in the blazing sunlight reminisced about Berlin, where, since its launch in 1989, the world-renowned parade had contributed to the city’s growing popularity. Disagreement with Berlin authorities over logistics and security led organisers to this year move the venue to the former mining region of the Ruhr in western Germany. The police of Essen claimed that from the security point of view, the situation was surprisingly calm. Each major town in the region of some 5.3 million inhabitants is to take a turn at hosting the Love Parade in coming years. So well – Love is still Everywhere!


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4 Kommentare zu “Loveparade 2007: Love is Everywhere

  1. Matthew sagt:

    You Germans sure know how to have fun
    Gaming,Beer and a Love Parade

  2. mikeham90 sagt:

    Hey don’t forget soccer and girls 😀

  3. Idetrorce sagt:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. Maximus sagt:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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