AIX for BF2 – Teaser Trailer and release annoucement!

The time draws near and things are getting very exciting for us and all the worlds single player and CoOp fans out there! What we have for you today is a teaser trailer of epic proportions giving you a smidgeon of the fantastic action you can expect in Allied Intent Xtended. It was too hard to feature everything in a teaser video but on release you can expect 9 custom maps and 7 Dice remakes, New UN army, 28 custom weapons and 7 custom kits items, 17 new aircraft as well as pickup kits, resupply crates and some very groovy AI enhancements not seen in any other mod. Not only that but we have a solid release date! Watch the trailer and all will be revealed!


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O’zapft is: Another 12.9 million pints of beer for Munich’s Oktoberfest

O’zapft is: Another 12.9 million pints of beer for Munich’s Oktoberfest

O'zapft is

22.09.2007 (BC) – Another week with a lot of work is done. Now i am looking forward to Munich’s Oktoberfest tomorrow. The famous annual celebration of beer – opened at midday Saturday under blue-and-white skies and bright sunshine. Munich’s mayor opened the annual Oktoberfest, joyously hammering a tap into the first barrel of beer with the traditional cry of ‚O’zapft is‘ (It’s tapped). Thousands of visitors crowded into the sprawling Theresienwiese festival grounds as Mayor Christian Ude launched the 174th edition of the drinking spree and the tent where the traditional ceremony is carried out was full to bursting, with latecomers turned away. Ude passed the first liter of beer to Bavarian Governor Edmund Stoiber. A 12-gun salute then signaled that it was time to start serving the beer.

Each of the festival’s tents offer seating for some 100,000 people.The Oktoberfest, marking its 174th year, runs through Oct. 7. Last year, the festival attracted more than 6 million visitors, who downed about 6.1 million liters – 12.9 million pints of beer. The traditional ‚Mass‘ or one-liter (two-pint) mug, will cost visitors between 7.30 and 7.90 Euro (about US$ 10.30 and US $11.10) at this year’s festival. Prost!

O'zapft is

CRYSIS: Multiplayer Beta for Crysis and limited Beta Key hunt

CRYSIS: Multiplayer Beta for Crysis and limited Beta Key hunt

Multiplayer Beta for Crysis and limited Beta Key hunt

Good bad news! Always expect the unexpected! Without any prior announcement of publisher EA or developer Crytek the Multiplayer Beta has on the quiet started on last night. The Multiplayer Beta has 1,2 GB in size, but to get the Crysis Multiplayer Beta you have to be registered at But no need to hurry: The first batch of Beta Keys is already distributed. Though there are three more batches announced, it will be hard to grab one. Anyway the motto is: ‚Go Hunting‘ – Good luck, soldiers!

UPDATE: Currently the second Batch for BETA Keys is OPEN – 17. September 2007 / 21:31 CET +1 – But for subscribers only!

[17.09.2007 19:22:51] :

You heard it on Comrade first: Monday at 10:30 AM Pacific Time (1:30 PM East Coast, 17:30 GMT) FilePlanet subscribers will be able to take a crack at one of the most anticipated games of the year: CRYSIS.

Boasting an absolutely incredible graphics engine capable of rendering dense jungles and spectacular gunfights, Crysis looks to set the bar for first-person shooters to come. This beta allows you to take in the multiplayer gameplay, where futuristic U.S. and North Korean forces collide amidst the discovery of alien technology.

KEYS ARE LIMITED and are expected to go fast. Click the link below to see if any keys are available, and stay tuned to Comrade for future key announcements!

Man Dies After 72-hour Marathon Gaming Session

Man Dies After 72-hour Marathon Gaming Session

Man Dies After 72-hour Marathon Gaming Session

JM (17.08.2007) – Chinese media are reporting that a 30-year old man is dead after a three-day of non-stop Internet gaming. The 30-year old man was playing games at a cyber café in Guangzhou and he was rushedt o hospital after he collapsed, but revitalization failed. Currently it is not clear, which game the man played continuously for about 72 hours. The 30 year-old is not the first to die after prolonged internet use. Earlier this year Xu Yan, a local teacher from Jinzhou in Liaoning province, collapsed after spending almost 15 days playing online games.