Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – Demo out

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – Demo out

Quake Wars - Demo out

Woops ;). Today i got my (final) ‚Brigadier General‘ rank in BF2142 – it is time to move on, soldiers! Just right to check the new Demo of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo. For all who had already fun with the Beta: The Demo comes also (just) with the map ‚Valley‘, but according to Activision the map was re-balanced. Hell – don’t hesitate to grab your copy, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars should also run on PCs, which are not topnotch in specs, though you know there are a lot more Top Games coming this fall ;). Have fun :).

Quake Wars - Demo


Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

3 Kommentare zu “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – Demo out

  1. DEVILMAN sagt:

    May i be the first to congratulate you on your ‘Brigadier General’ rank
    You have achived what many men havent and should be very proud of yourself
    Think of it as 1 small step for Girl Gamers
    I am very happy for you on your achievement and i salute you soldier,oops i meant Brigadier General BlackCats
    Well done

  2. DEVILMAN sagt:

    In Australia it is considered polite,when somebody pays you a compliment to say Thankyou
    I guess in Germany,you do things differently
    Its been 1 week since you achived your ‘Brigadier General’ rank,and i
    am the only person who visits here to congratulate you
    Oh well,at least you know you have one good friend

  3. blackcatsgfx sagt:

    Though a bit late – Thank you ! 🙂

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