Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – Demo out

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – Demo out

Quake Wars - Demo out

Woops ;). Today i got my (final) ‚Brigadier General‘ rank in BF2142 – it is time to move on, soldiers! Just right to check the new Demo of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo. For all who had already fun with the Beta: The Demo comes also (just) with the map ‚Valley‘, but according to Activision the map was re-balanced. Hell – don’t hesitate to grab your copy, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars should also run on PCs, which are not topnotch in specs, though you know there are a lot more Top Games coming this fall ;). Have fun :).

Quake Wars - Demo


AMD targets Gamer

AMD targets Gamer

(JM) AMD has just launched a new gaming website, AMD Game!. Since gamers are increasingly opting for Nvidia products, AMD tries to refresh its brand among the playing guild. AMD’s website is intended as a hub for PC gamers to communicate, collaborate and stay in tune with the latest developments in PC gaming. AMD provides Gamers access to exclusive game content, as well as to all the latest AMD drivers and utilities.

AMD Game!
AMD Game! features a configurable toolbar to receive customized news based on user preferences, an IM chat feature, and a video player. Also a system check is available on the site to test if your system’s performance meets the minimum requirements to enable certain games. Looking to boost subscribers, AMD is offering gamers who register to the site through September, a chance to win two extreme gaming systems powered by AMD, the iBuyPower Gamers Fire 1950 and the CyberPower Gamer Ultra 8800 PRO.

Force Feedback Vests: Get pounded with body slams!

Force Feedback Vests: Get pounded with body slams!

(MH) 07.09.2007 – Get pounded with body slams, crushed with G-forces or blasted with bullet fire. The US manufacturer TN Games has developed a special Force Feedback Vest named ‚3rd space Vest‘. Small pneumatic motors slam the player where it really hurts: If the player is for example hit in a FPS by the opponent, the 3rd space Vest pokes the back or stomach. During IFA the special Force Feedback Vest was seen at Philips dealer lounge, however the vest is not one of Philips‘ own developments. Rumors were afloat that TN Games and Philips are discussing to launch the 3rd space Vest within the amBX series.

3rd space Vest - black3rd space Vest - camo

TN Games announced the Force Feedback Vest to be availbale in October (USA) for about 170 US Dollars. The vest is attached by USB cables and comes along with an air compressor. However, games do not (!) support the 3rd space Vest automatically, so TN Games provides a SDK kit for developers.

IFA 2007: IFA show is over

(BC) Still a bit tired, 06.09.2007 – Attendance of 235,000 from home and abroad – 1,212 exhibitors from 32 countries – 733 international companies – IFA gives additional boost to industry. That are the short headlines after the big consumer show in Berlin is over. I hope you had a chance to visit this year’s IFA consumer-electronics trade show in Berlin – a kinda Flat Panels galore with about 5,000 displays filling 26 pavilions at the six-day event. For most visitors trying out all those new goodies in this electronic wonderland was for sure a blast, for thousands of hostesses, journalists, PR-folks and organisers it was a lot of work. All the glamour and the glittering televisions of this fascinating trade show are gone and though i am a bit tired of the last days, i am satisfied of a job well done.