Who’s Tusk Interactive?

Who’s Tusk Interactive?

(MH) 05.10.207 – Tusk Interactive? Never heard of it. Ever heard the name Armando “Aj” Marini? Oh yes, „Aj“ Marini was a former DICE (Digital Illusions) Canada lead designer.

A year after the demise of DICE Canada through the purchase of DICE by Electronic Arts, obviously a new development studio is heading up in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. A new job posting at Gamasutra shows that the new Canadian based game developer is currently looking for a technical director. Till now just rumors, but since Armando “Aj” Marini previously worked on the Battlefield series at the Canadian offices of Digital Illusions, will we see a new multiplayer online shooter (OMFPS) in the foreseeable future?

Quite similar in certain aspects, DICE New York, formerly known as Trauma Studio was closed down several years ago. The creators of Desert Combat resurfaced as Kaos Studios with their game Frontlines: Fuel of War.


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