Nvidia Launching New Hardware to Coincide with Crysis Release

It’s no longer a rumor. Nvidia’s senior vice president Dan Vivoli has confirmed that the GPU designer will be shipping new hardware in November, just in time for the release of Crysis. Nvidia’s senior vice president Dan Vivoli let slip that Nvidia intended to “launch new hardware to coincide with Crysis’ launch.” Vivoli didn’t elaborate, but the rumor mill has been predicting that Nvidia would ship a new top-end GPU right before the holiday shopping season, just as they did with the GeForce 8800 last year.

Nvidia has been working closely with Crytek throughout the life of this project, according to Vivoli, who told the press that Crysis is “the most advanced game ever developed.” Comparing Crysis to Dinosaur Island, the tech demo that Crytek eventually turned into Far Cry, Vivoli claimed that the new game performs “3,000 operations per pixel, compared to 30 operations per pixel in Dinosaur Island.” He said Crytek had created “85,000 shaders for the game, about the same shader complexity as today’s animated films.”

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2 Kommentare zu “Nvidia Launching New Hardware to Coincide with Crysis Release

  1. janinem89 sagt:

    Hey Cats, i have just bought a XFX 8800GTX XXX and Nvidia’s going to release a new top gfx-card soon? Sh.t! Any additional infos about the new ones? xox Janine

  2. MaDtOrN sagt:

    dont worry i think they are talking about the GF8800GT ((g92)) its better than the gts but not the gtx

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