Spam, Spam & Spam

Spam, Spam & Spam

(BC) 22.11.2007 – ARGH! Spam, spam, spam – it is everywhere. Here at wordpress, forums and now i noticed that pest even to be a problem in teamspeak :(. Whilst i am writing these lines, the automated Akismet filter here at has already blocked about 900 (!) spam posts/comments – wow, what a big fortune to have that effective tool free of charge here.

I don’t understand why those spammers still keep on trying to get their nonsense online here, Akismet seems to block really almost all spam attacks very reliable. Not that i care too much about spam here at wordpress, but it has become one of the most annoying things for today internet activities like with checking emails. And now, after i have set up a teamspeak server for playing AIX Coop Mod (AIX, Allied Intent Xtended, a mod for Battlefield 2) i had to notice that spam is also a problem in the ‚voice‘ world.

Since the teamspeak server is (currently) still public, a lot of guests join and leave, some obviously just with the intention to lurk around and to eavesdrop on the people who talk in the channel(s). Also some take ’spam urls‘ as user names and join the server in order to attract viewers by clicking their spam links. After a short while it got quite annoying and so i installed an anti-flooding and an automated Perl script, both helping to avoid those trouble makers :). The scripts detect sneaking tries to record a channel and/or to flood channels and server with spam. All activities resulting in a kick and recurrent offenders are simply banned. Well, the most easy solution would have been to have a password set to access the teamspeak server, but we wanted to keep the server open public for all AIX enthusiast :). If you want to join us in the AIX Coop teamspeak:

AIX Coop Server BlackCats TeamSpeak Server


Über Blacky

I luv Cats and BF!

3 Kommentare zu “Spam, Spam & Spam

  1. WhiteCats sagt:

    Thank you very,very much for setting up a server for AIX,
    That is truly a very kind and appreciated thing you have done for the BF2 Community

    I salute you soldier

  2. blackcatsgfx sagt:

    At ease soldier! 😉 Thank you!
    Playing the AIX mod is really big fun and i enjoy this BF2 SP & coop mod currently more than playing even ’newer‘ games like CoD4 or Crysis 😀 .
    CoD4 & Crysis might have a better or a more pretty graphics, but the fun factor of AIX and BF2 still rocks for me. I hope that others have as much fun playing on my server 🙂

  3. WhiteCats sagt:

    No,no Thankyou
    You did something very kind and considerate from within
    I was only thanking you for your „selfless“ and admireable contribution
    Therefore there is NO need for you to thank me

    PS Its true what they say about women drivers (jk)

    See ya

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