Trance ’n Dance : WOW – Simply one word: EXCELLENT

Atomic cat - Trance 'n Dance

Atomic cat – Trance ’n Dance bei Jamendo

WOW – Simply one word: EXCELLENT

Atomic, first let me say that i am terrific glad to hear from you again!!

And here you go – with a brandnew and stunning awesome album. You are pushing limits here @Jamendo :). I don’t speak much French but with „…est un mariage entre la Trance et la Dance musique…“ you hit the bull’s-eye.

Technically a real high-flyer, you impress me AGAIN with new and never heard arrangements and sounds – Extra Cool !! Though you deliver topnotch mixes en masse for some good time now, i am happy to see still a tremendous progress in your musical work at a very high level. Even more getting me, my body and my soul – how better as to say: I can’t sit, i have to dance 😀

And yes: Atomic cat – Trance ’n Dance goes definitely into my MP3-player – and i am sure into a lot of Players of my friends too. Atomic, you rock da house ;).
Currently 200 Seeds and 66 Peers on Jamendo Bittorrent also tell how popular and appreciated your sound is :).

„Sometimes“ – hell, i am already dancing and „feeling“ the sounds impulsively and what i want 😉 : „I want to fly“
Interesting intro in A Voice From Darkness – ha – „The Darkness“ 😀

To come short:

Home session : Surprising !

Sweet Cayman - Home session

Sweet Cayman – Home session bei Jamendo

Surprising !

Ha Ha Ha – really cool (- means awesome for most out of the non-native English speaking world 😉 )!!

I was really busy lately and was not able to visit Jamendo much lately. So this recommendation of Eva Maria was a long time in my message box.

Hell, Honey for Fanny has really nice riffs and it simply rocks :). It really minds me to some very popular rock session in the late 70’s.

And – hey – you take me with Underain 🙂 ! Overall very nice sound, pleasant vocals, good style and a perfect arrangement in technical matters as synchronization etc. – simply sounds good in my ears 🙂

One small caveat: PLEASE MORE !! 😀

Electric Ride : Awesome ROCK

Hell, usually i am not ‚especially‘ looking at Jamendo in the genre ‚rock‘, so i think i would have missed this very appealing album.

I have to thank cute EVA MARIA for recommending me this album :).

With hearing the sounds of Electric Ride i was really surprised, and in a really positive manner!
This album goes definitively on my MP3-Player, i love the variations and as the genre should tell, this album ‚rocks‘ for me.

Listen to Electric Ride makes me simple feel good and i enjoy the sounds. The faster and kinda ‚harder‘ tracks are really cool (

Listen : Awesome – I Love It !

First i read the description of the album – as i always do.
„…involving the work of 20 musicians located around the world, this album represents a true global collective effort…a blending of multiple styles, with a specific focus placed upon classical piano, ‚listen‘ is a mature work of melodic electronica…share and enjoy!…“

After the first tracks, „Breath“, „Alone“ and – „Listen“ – the very appealing vocals and the perfectly intonating piano, i thought for myself: Why can’t ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD work together that way? Producing simply something beautiful, like this album of „t r y ^ d“.

That album makes it definitely into my player! 🙂

Short and precise: Lovely like the sixth track on the album „Lovely“

Many thanks for this awesome album try^d and all the other musicians involved with that project!

StarGate Odyssea : Simply Awesome – Perfect !

Xcyril, simply awesome! I have NO other words :).

The only drawback is – 🙂 – hell, i WANT MORE of that kind of heroic film music !!
Xcyril, that kind of film music is sooo rare to find, glad that you have made some cool ones.
A small „hmm“ goes for the small License restriction „You don’t alter, transform or build upon this album“ – but maybe you have your good reasons for that.

Anyway, this album rocks and made it definitely into my music-resouce as a reference stock.

Hope you are fine and well – Kisses


Musiques pour films : Klasse!

Hi Xcyril,

i have written you a short review or better some very personal thoughts and feelings about your awesome music (and style) already some time ago :).
Yes, time passes by and still you are one of my very favourite musicians here at Jamendo.

Recently i had a crash with my HDD and some data was lost. So i have today downloaded – once again – your „Musiques pour films“.
Still i like it very, very much and it is IMHO almost a basic reference here at Jamendo for that genre. So i gave you once again 9 points. *laugh* France 9 points 🙂 :).
Your Musiques pour films is very useful for making smaller video clips as well as a very inspiring source for own sounds. Thank you for YOUR music!!

How are you? I hope you are well and all is fine for you.

Kisses Alena