2008, New Year’s Eve, Silvester

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008! Let Love, Freedom, Happiness, Harmony and Peace be your mainspring for this year. Kisses to all my friends around the world, thank you for all the wonderful time and the fun we had 🙂 !!

XOX BlackCats „BC“

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

 Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Happy Season Greetings to Everyone! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr!
Boas Festas e um feliz Ano Novo
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!
God Jul og Godt Nyttlr
God Jul och Gott Nytt År
Craciun fericit si un An Nou fericit!
Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva i s Novim Godom
Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a Stastny novy rok
Vesele Vianoce a stastny novy rok

Spam, Spam & Spam

Spam, Spam & Spam

(BC) 22.11.2007 – ARGH! Spam, spam, spam – it is everywhere. Here at wordpress, forums and now i noticed that pest even to be a problem in teamspeak :(. Whilst i am writing these lines, the automated Akismet filter here at wordpress.com has already blocked about 900 (!) spam posts/comments – wow, what a big fortune to have that effective tool free of charge here.

I don’t understand why those spammers still keep on trying to get their nonsense online here, Akismet seems to block really almost all spam attacks very reliable. Not that i care too much about spam here at wordpress, but it has become one of the most annoying things for today internet activities like with checking emails. And now, after i have set up a teamspeak server for playing AIX Coop Mod (AIX, Allied Intent Xtended, a mod for Battlefield 2) i had to notice that spam is also a problem in the ‚voice‘ world.

Since the teamspeak server is (currently) still public, a lot of guests join and leave, some obviously just with the intention to lurk around and to eavesdrop on the people who talk in the channel(s). Also some take ’spam urls‘ as user names and join the server in order to attract viewers by clicking their spam links. After a short while it got quite annoying and so i installed an anti-flooding and an automated Perl script, both helping to avoid those trouble makers :). The scripts detect sneaking tries to record a channel and/or to flood channels and server with spam. All activities resulting in a kick and recurrent offenders are simply banned. Well, the most easy solution would have been to have a password set to access the teamspeak server, but we wanted to keep the server open public for all AIX enthusiast :). If you want to join us in the AIX Coop teamspeak:

AIX Coop Server BlackCats TeamSpeak Server

Jade Raymond: With Assassin’s Creed On The Covers

Jade Raymond: With Assassin’s Creed On The Covers

I am just a Nerd(BC) 09.11.2007 – Jade Raymond says about herself: I am just a Nerd. Well, but then a lucky successful and damn good looking one…

The 32-year-old entrepreneur is a real stroke of luck for the game industry. Jade Rymond knows what’s up, she is very eloquent and she looks great. That all is quite an advantage in an industry whose leading minds do not much to contradict the common prejudice to live between empty pizza boxes, cables and computers. Raymond on the other hand demonstrates, that video games are today something perfectly normal for totally ordinary people and thus she turned into the first female superstar of the whole game scene.

Now Raymond made it on the Cover of the German SPIEGEL and the editors spent almost two double-pages on her success story. Jade Raymond was born in Montreal Canada and she is currently the producer of the highly anticipated title Assassins Creed, one of the most buzzed-about titles of 2007. As a video game producer, she is in charge of overseeing the development of the game regarding the creative and technical development of the game as well as maintaining schedules and budgets at Ubisoft Montreal Studio. She is also acting as a liaison between the development staff and the publisher or executive staff insuring the game will be delivered in time. DIGG IT!
SPIEGEL about Jade RaymondSPIEGEL about Jade Raymond
The jade raymond's official unofficial site Jade Raymond

O’zapft is: Another 12.9 million pints of beer for Munich’s Oktoberfest

O’zapft is: Another 12.9 million pints of beer for Munich’s Oktoberfest

O'zapft is

22.09.2007 (BC) – Another week with a lot of work is done. Now i am looking forward to Munich’s Oktoberfest tomorrow. The famous annual celebration of beer – opened at midday Saturday under blue-and-white skies and bright sunshine. Munich’s mayor opened the annual Oktoberfest, joyously hammering a tap into the first barrel of beer with the traditional cry of ‚O’zapft is‘ (It’s tapped). Thousands of visitors crowded into the sprawling Theresienwiese festival grounds as Mayor Christian Ude launched the 174th edition of the drinking spree and the tent where the traditional ceremony is carried out was full to bursting, with latecomers turned away. Ude passed the first liter of beer to Bavarian Governor Edmund Stoiber. A 12-gun salute then signaled that it was time to start serving the beer.

Each of the festival’s tents offer seating for some 100,000 people.The Oktoberfest, marking its 174th year, runs through Oct. 7. Last year, the festival attracted more than 6 million visitors, who downed about 6.1 million liters – 12.9 million pints of beer. The traditional ‚Mass‘ or one-liter (two-pint) mug, will cost visitors between 7.30 and 7.90 Euro (about US$ 10.30 and US $11.10) at this year’s festival. Prost!

O'zapft is

IFA 2007: IFA show is over

(BC) Still a bit tired, 06.09.2007 – Attendance of 235,000 from home and abroad – 1,212 exhibitors from 32 countries – 733 international companies – IFA gives additional boost to industry. That are the short headlines after the big consumer show in Berlin is over. I hope you had a chance to visit this year’s IFA consumer-electronics trade show in Berlin – a kinda Flat Panels galore with about 5,000 displays filling 26 pavilions at the six-day event. For most visitors trying out all those new goodies in this electronic wonderland was for sure a blast, for thousands of hostesses, journalists, PR-folks and organisers it was a lot of work. All the glamour and the glittering televisions of this fascinating trade show are gone and though i am a bit tired of the last days, i am satisfied of a job well done.