Final Key Batch For Crysis Multiplayer Beta – Hurry Up !

Final Key Batch For Crysis Multiplayer Beta – Hurry Up !

(BC) 09.11.2007 – Short before the action shooter Crysis is going public, Crytek and Fileplanet release the final Beta Key Batch for the Multiplayer part. If you haven’t already got a Beta Multiplayer key this is your last chance to grab you one – so HURRY UP!

Final Key Batch For Crysis Multiplayer Beta - Hurry Up !


Crysis DX9 and DX10 Single Player Demo Released

Crysis PC GameAs expected, the pre-order demo has leaked itself to the download site circuit a little early. This 1.7 gig file includes not only a taste of the single player, but the Sandbox level editor as well. Geforce jockies will need this beta driver installed to play. Grab a copy of the demo from:

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Nvidia Launching New Hardware to Coincide with Crysis Release

It’s no longer a rumor. Nvidia’s senior vice president Dan Vivoli has confirmed that the GPU designer will be shipping new hardware in November, just in time for the release of Crysis. Nvidia’s senior vice president Dan Vivoli let slip that Nvidia intended to “launch new hardware to coincide with Crysis’ launch.” Vivoli didn’t elaborate, but the rumor mill has been predicting that Nvidia would ship a new top-end GPU right before the holiday shopping season, just as they did with the GeForce 8800 last year.

Nvidia has been working closely with Crytek throughout the life of this project, according to Vivoli, who told the press that Crysis is “the most advanced game ever developed.” Comparing Crysis to Dinosaur Island, the tech demo that Crytek eventually turned into Far Cry, Vivoli claimed that the new game performs “3,000 operations per pixel, compared to 30 operations per pixel in Dinosaur Island.” He said Crytek had created “85,000 shaders for the game, about the same shader complexity as today’s animated films.”

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HURRY UP: Crysis Public Beta Keys Available NOW!

Crysis Public Beta Keys Available NOW!

Crysis Public Beta Keys Available NOW!

02.10.2007 – BC – Folks, hurry up!! Grab your Crysis Public Beta Key now! The Beta has gone public, you only need a FREE Fileplanet account to get your personal Beta Code. So just register @Fileplanet over there and download your Beta Key and the Crysis Beta itself. IT IS TIME TO NANOSUIT – SOLDIERS! From now on nothing will ever be the same than before! We will see us on the Island, let’s kick the Aliens‘ asses off there! Kiss BC